The quality of the bolt you use can determine the integrity of the entire structure — whether it’s a building project or a piece of machinery. Builders and contractors looking to buy wholesale nuts and bolts know they can trust MCKRS to have the most comprehensive selection. We are known for providing only the highest quality fastener hardware specific to whatever your application may be. See our list of bolt products and some common uses below, as well as information about what MCKRS can do for you.


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Bolts for Virtually Any Use

At MCKRS, we specialize in multiple bolt types so that you will have what you need, regardless of the type or scope of your project. Here are a few common uses for the bolts we carry:

  • Carriage bolts are self-locking when paired with a square hole in a metal strap. This is a useful feature for installation from one side.
  • Dowel screws are threaded on both sides, making them very effective at securing two pieces of wood together, such as with furniture.
  • Elevator bolts are made to secure canvas belts in conveyor systems. They are common in grain elevators and other similar systems.
  • Hanger bolts are specially made to suspend objects from a wood base. They are threaded at both ends.
  • Hex cap screws are made for use in such applications as original equipment manufacturing when a tight tolerance is required.

What Can MCKRS Do for You?

Our store has earned a solid reputation for providing the highest quality bolts and other fastener hardware. Strength, durability and general quality are hallmarks for all of our fastener products. We know the industry and can help you make the best decision possible for your hardware needs. When it comes to buying bulk bolts, we have what you need in the quantities you require. Contact us today to learn more about our selection.