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Computer network servers are not cheap. So when you’ve landed a contract to install equipment in racks that are going to hold a customer’s electronics components, you are going to want quality parts. To prevent a computer crash — and we’re not talking about the usual kind — you need to have the toughest rack mounting nuts, screws and washers that can handle a variety of weights for the secure storage of telecommunications, video, audio or computer equipment. Here at MCKRS we provide vital parts needed for fastening this equipment in a variety of server racks and cabinets. Check out our vast selection of mounting fasteners, sold in bulk for contractors, and in just the right sizes. Let our knowledgeable staff assist you in making the best purchase. Below is our listing of rack mounting nuts, screws and washers, followed by information about their uses.

Rack Mounting Clip Nuts With Screws & Washers

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Rack Mounting Nuts and Screws Offer Versatility

Over the years, manufacturers of server cabinets, shelves and wall mounts have created racks with various hole configurations. There have been threaded holes, unthreaded holes and square holes. Unfortunately, some types of equipment could not be securely mounted due to the hole size and location. So cage nuts and clip nuts were designed to accommodate the varying hole sizes and configurations.

  • Rack mounting cage nuts are square, for use with square rack holes. They have flanges on the side so they can be compressed to fit into the hole. When the nut is released, it securely hooks onto the square opening in the rack. At the center of the cage nut is a threaded hole where you can place the washer and screw.
  • Rack mounting clip nuts are similar to cage nuts, but can be used for racks with round, unthreaded holes. Instead of being placed into the hole, clip nuts are designed to slide onto the edge of the metal and be positioned over both sides of the unthreaded hole. It provides the threads that allow screws to be inserted.
  • Rack mounting screws and washers are available for clip nuts and cage nuts to ensure you get the right screw and washer sizes for your racks. These parts are made out of durable steel and zinc to provide a strong grip on the rack without stripping the threads. These screws and washers come in a wide range of sizes of 10-32, 12-24, and M6 for cage nuts, and 10-32 and M6 for clip nuts.


Take Advantage of MCKRS's Quality Products

Cage nuts, clip nuts, screws and washers are designed to be strong enough to support a wide range of equipment fastened into racks. These parts work with telecommunications, video, audio, computing and entertainment equipment of different sizes and shapes. With reliable and easy mounting options, equipment can be properly secured in cabinets, racks and wall mounts.

When it comes to quality and durable rack mounting nuts, customers turn to MCKRS first due to our large selection of nuts, screws and washers designed for rack mounting. Obtain the fastener products that are the best quality and selection for the racks and equipment you will be installing. Our professional staff is ready to help you find exactly what you need so you have all the parts to successfully mount the equipment.

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