The right rivet can make all the difference. When choosing rivets, it is important to understand the materials and the varieties. At MCKRS, we help our customers buy bulk rivets specific to any application. We specialize in high-quality aluminum and stainless steel rivet options, and our highly knowledgeable staff works directly with you to ensure you have what you need. Below, find our full listing of rivet categories, learn about the advantages of each type, and find out what MCKRS can do for you.

Rivets Categories

Rivets for Any Application

Rivet uses range based on specific application and material. We specialize in rivets of all types to help you meet your exact hardware needs. Here are some of the key uses for each of our rivet types:

  • Blind Rivets, which are often referred to as pop rivets, are made with a tubular design that includes a center mandrel. They are made in such a way that they can be inserted with the far end expanding and the mandrel snapping off. These types of rivets are commonly used in applications where you can only access the joint from one side.
  • Bulbing Type Blind Rivets are distinguished from standard blind rivets because they utilize three folded legs to create a larger blind-side footprint and increased clamp load. This is a useful feature for when you need to insert a rivet into a softer or more sensitive material. They tend to provide greater resistance to vibrations and deliver a great deal of strength.
  • Drive Pin Rivets are types of blind rivets with a shorter protruding mandrel that you drive with a hammer in order to flare out the end. This type of rivet is excellent for wood panels that don’t require holes to be drilled all the way through, which can result in a cleaner placement. They can also be used in plastic and metal.
  • Multi Grip Rivets have a wide expansion on the blind side for even distribution of pressure. This type of rivet is great for plastics and thin sheet metal.


Customers looking to shop for bulk rivets know that they can trust MCKRS. We carry a wide selection of hardware products for countless applications. In addition to bulk rivets, we supply screws, bolts, nuts, washers, spacers & standoffs, rack mounting nuts, metric hardware, sockets, pins, retaining rings, electronic hardware, anchors and tools. We work closely with our customers to ensure they have the right hardware in the right quantities.

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