Whatever project you are working on, it likely will require that materials be secured together. When numerous materials are involved, contractors and builders need versatility, and socket screws can be the perfect fasteners to finish the job. Socket screws are available with different thread sizes and a variety of head cap shapes, and in various lengths, all designed to provide strength and durability.MCKRS offers a wide selection of bulk sockets, allen wrenches, set screws and more for every application. Let our dedicated staff help you decide on the right socket screws for your project, or browse through our socket categories to find what your project needs.

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Socket Solutions for Every Application

Many of our socket products are stainless steel, or alloy steel with a black oxide or zinc finish. They are available with coarse or fine thread options, as well as in metric sizes.

  • Socket head cap screws have a smaller head with a hexagonal drive. They often are used with machine parts where there is limited space for wrenches, as they are driven in with a hex key. They provide a stronger hold than conventional screws.
  • Button head socket cap screws have a round button head and are ideal for light-duty applications and clamping due to their tensile strength.
  • Flat head socket cap screws are used in applications where the screw head will sit flush with the surface. They provide a cleaner finish, as they can be covered and thus not visible.
  • Low head socket cap screws have a shorter, round head, and can be used in tighter spaces where head height would be an issue. They have a high tensile strength yet should not be used in projects that experience dynamic loads.

Why Select MCKRS as Your Supplier?

Selection, quality and knowledge are what we specialize in at Fastener SuperStore. We provide the button sockets, socket pipe plugs, Allen sockets and more that you need, and in the dimensions required for a variety of applications. Our staff is dedicated to helping you decide on the right socket screws for your projects. The bulk quantities we offer mean you never have to run out of the necessary parts when working on the job. Contact Fastener SuperStore for the best fastening hardware available.